How much is recycling iridium catalysts worth? You might be curious about where iridium catalysts are generally used and what the recycling prices are like. So, let’s unravel this mystery together today.

Iridium catalysts are widely used in the chemical industry, such as in pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals, because of their high efficiency in catalyzing certain reactions, making them a common choice in many factories.

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So, how is the recycling price of iridium catalysts calculated? For example, if the recycling price of iridium at Paltank Precious Metals today is $112 per gram, and assuming the iridium content in our catalysts is 70%, then the price is calculated based on the $112. Specifically, it would be $810 multiplied by 70%, resulting in $78.4. This price can serve as a reference.

However, the actual recycling price might be lower. Why? Because the recycling process also involves transportation and recycling costs. These additional expenses must be considered, so the actual recycling price is generally lower than the calculated price.

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